So Swamped So

ready to rock foot tapIMG_8804

Opening 27th Feb 2015: Show at Xero, Kline & Coma

Runs 28.2.15 – 22.3.15
Sat + Sun 12.00 – 18.00

standing stock still on a column of air, there
looking down the corridor
stingy pile twist trod in

unnatural flecks and
colour of your carpets they’d told you for each room
part of demonstrating the threat that they could, do what they want, but right now that was just pay close attention to your decorating

decisions and wouldn’t it be better if it stayed at the level of interior digest

bash bash\

pinboards, digital prints, sculptures, neon, paintings, audio loop

Extract (1min 11s) from 15minute audio loop (voice: Caoimhe Pearson)
IMG_8863 IMG_8624 IMG_8778 IMG_8626 IMG_8617

IMG_8713 IMG_8730

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